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Hidden powers and sliding screens trick the senses to make VR feel more real | TechCrunch

Image credit: University of Chicago The next big thing in VR may not be higher resolution or more immersive sound, but an experience enhanced by physical sensations or moving parts that trick your senses into mistaking virtual for reality. Researchers at SIGGRAPH, from Meta to international student groups, showcased their latest attempts to make VR… Read More »

DigitalOcean buys cloud computing startup Paperspace for $111M in cash | TechCrunch

Image credit: New York Stock Exchange / file photo / Getty Images DigitalOcean, the cloud hosting company, announced today that it has agreed to acquire Paperspace, a New York-based cloud computing and AI development startup, for $111 million in cash. DigitalOcean CEO Yancey Spruill says Paperspace’s infrastructure and tools, when integrated with DigitalOcean’s products, will… Read More »

Shadow renews its cloud computing offerings in Europe | TechCrunch

Image credit: Romain Dillet / TechCrunch Shadow, a French company that offers a gaming PC in the cloud (among other things), has announced at a press conference that they are updating their Shadow PC offerings in Europe. Essentially, the company is raising the prices of its two flagship plans and slightly improving what you get… Read More »