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This AI research from DeepMind aims to reduce sycophancy in large language models (LLMs) using simple synthetic data

Large language models (LLMs) have evolved significantly in recent years and are now able to handle challenging tasks that require reasoning. A number of studies, including those from OpenAI and Google, have put a lot of emphasis on this development. LLMs have revolutionized the way humans interact with machines and are one of the biggest… Read More »

Train LLM with a simple English prompt! Meet gpt-llm-trainer: The easiest way to train a task-specific LLM

A form of artificial intelligence called large language models (LLMs) has been shown to produce text on par with that of a human. Unfortunately, training LLMs is a resource-intensive operation that requires powerful computers and a large amount of data. gpt-llm-trainer is a program that facilitates LLM training on local machines. It uses the GPT-4… Read More »