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After the pushback, Zoom says it won’t use customer data to train AI models

Zoom says it will roll back a recent change to its terms of service that allowed the company to use some customer content to train its machine learning and artificial intelligence models. The move comes after recent criticism on social media from customers concerned about the privacy implications of Zoom using data in such a… Read More »

This AI research from DeepMind aims to reduce sycophancy in large language models (LLMs) using simple synthetic data

Large language models (LLMs) have evolved significantly in recent years and are now able to handle challenging tasks that require reasoning. A number of studies, including those from OpenAI and Google, have put a lot of emphasis on this development. LLMs have revolutionized the way humans interact with machines and are one of the biggest… Read More »

Don’t expect quick solutions in ‘red-teaming’ AI models. Safety was an afterthought

BOSTON – White House officials worried about AI chatbots’ potential for societal harm and the Silicon Valley powerhouses rushing them to market are heavily invested in a three-day competition that ends Sunday at the DefCon hacker convention in Las Vegas. About 3,500 competitors have taken to laptops trying to uncover flaws in eight leading major… Read More »