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Train LLM with a simple English prompt! Meet gpt-llm-trainer: The easiest way to train a task-specific LLM

A form of artificial intelligence called large language models (LLMs) has been shown to produce text on par with that of a human. Unfortunately, training LLMs is a resource-intensive operation that requires powerful computers and a large amount of data. gpt-llm-trainer is a program that facilitates LLM training on local machines. It uses the GPT-4… Read More »

Meet flows: a revolutionary AI framework for modeling complex AI-human interactions

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have created more opportunities for structured reasoning, as they can remarkably adapt to information in their context. This collaboration between multiple AI systems and humans is essential. Strategic content design can make LLMs perform complex reasoning to improve their skills. We require a principled and organized way to design and… Read More »

Do you feel risky training your language model on limited data? Meet SILO: A new language model that manages risk-performance trade-offs during inference

Legal concerns have been raised about massive language models (LMs) because they are often trained on copyrighted content. The inherent trade-off between legal risk and model performance is at the heart of this topic. Using only permissioned or publicly available data for training has a serious negative impact on accuracy. Since common LM corpora include… Read More »

Meet AgentBench: A multidimensional benchmark that has been developed to evaluate large language models-as-agents in a variety of settings

Large language models (LLMs) have emerged and advanced, adding a new level of complexity to the field of artificial intelligence. Through intensive training methods, these models have mastered some amazing Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation tasks, such as answering questions, understanding natural language inference, and summarizing material. They have also… Read More »