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Rokid Station review: The first Android TV box for AR glasses is a no-frills affair

quick links Performance and battery life Should you buy Rokid Station? Even before Apple pulled back the curtains on its Vision Pro headset, there has been a surge in consumer-grade AR (augmented reality) glasses over the past few years, with brands like XReal (formerly nReal), TCL, Lenovo and Rokid leading the charge . Rokid’s Max… Read More »

I tested 3 smart glasses to see if AR is still a dream | Digital trends

Photo by Tracey Truly / – The augmented reality future we’ve all dreamed of is still years away. I’m not here to debate it. However, the hardware and software currently available have continued to improve. Early adopters are already enjoying lightweight glasses with sharp, bright screens, and some recent products are demonstrating progress on the… Read More »