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1 Unstoppable AI Stock Down 28% to Buy Before It’s Too Late | The motley fool

Some stocks in the technology sector disappointed investors with their second-quarter earnings and saw their stock prices plunge. Other tech companies are proving they can navigate this tough economic environment and shatter all expectations. Duolingo (NEAR -1.54%) falls under the latter category. It just delivered a blockbuster quarterly result that beat estimates, and it also… Read More »

Cloud Computing Slowdown Hits DigitalOcean | The motley fool

Businesses large and small are looking for ways to rein in costs as a tough economy creates uncertainty. An easy target for these cost savings is cloud computing. The mega-cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure has already suffered a sharp slowdown as customers optimize consumption. AWS grew 12% year-over-year in the… Read More »

I’m keeping an eye on Alibaba’s Cloud Computing spinoff. Here’s why | The motley fool

Ali Baba‘s (BABA -3.52%) stock has been under significant pressure recently due to its lack of growth over the past two years and the scrutiny it has received from the Chinese government. In response, the management team has split the conglomerate into six independent units, each charting its own path forward. The first business unit… Read More »