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AWS Brings Ease of AI App Development to Enterprises | Digital trends

The future of artificial intelligence is quickly becoming an out-of-box experience that businesses can customize based on their specific needs. Optimized chat experiences that are functional far beyond Q&A and tools to create AI applications without months of coding development could be the next step beyond introducing new plugins and extensions. More common tools, such… Read More »

Do you feel risky training your language model on limited data? Meet SILO: A new language model that manages risk-performance trade-offs during inference

Legal concerns have been raised about massive language models (LMs) because they are often trained on copyrighted content. The inherent trade-off between legal risk and model performance is at the heart of this topic. Using only permissioned or publicly available data for training has a serious negative impact on accuracy. Since common LM corpora include… Read More »

Hidden powers and sliding screens trick the senses to make VR feel more real | TechCrunch

Image credit: University of Chicago The next big thing in VR may not be higher resolution or more immersive sound, but an experience enhanced by physical sensations or moving parts that trick your senses into mistaking virtual for reality. Researchers at SIGGRAPH, from Meta to international student groups, showcased their latest attempts to make VR… Read More »