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Edge Computing: a powerful enabler for industrial frontline workers

For industrial organizations, frontline workers play a critical role in achieving productivity, efficiency and safety goals. To empower these workers and increase their influence, edge computing has become a critical enabler. By bringing computing power closer to the point of action, edge computing enables real-time data processing, analytics and decision-making, thereby improving the well-being and… Read More »

Healthcare’s edge computing priorities have changed

In the new 2023 Healthcare Edge Ecosystem Report, researchers cite the need for these organizations to support telemedicine staff to make faster and more informed decisions as the driving force behind the shift in their edge computing priorities. The two notable use cases are hospital-at-home and autonomous mobile robots and drones. WHY IT’S IMPORTANT Healthcare… Read More »

How Edge Computing Enables the Retail Store of the Future – Retail TouchPoints

The past few years have been a rollercoaster ride for the retail industry. The pandemic and related supply chain disruptions led to shuttered storefronts and rampant bankruptcies. Then, last year, in-store sales grew faster than online sales, while e-commerce stocks took a big hit. A survey from this year’s World Retail Congress suggests that the… Read More »