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Saudi Arabia and the UAE are racing to buy Nvidia chips to power AI ambitions

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are snapping up thousands of the high-performance Nvidia chips essential to building artificial intelligence software, joining a global AI arms race that is squeezing the supply of Silicon Valley’s hottest commodity. The Gulf’s powerhouses have publicly declared their aim to become leaders in artificial intelligence as they pursue… Read More »

1 Unstoppable AI Stock Down 28% to Buy Before It’s Too Late | The motley fool

Some stocks in the technology sector disappointed investors with their second-quarter earnings and saw their stock prices plunge. Other tech companies are proving they can navigate this tough economic environment and shatter all expectations. Duolingo (NEAR -1.54%) falls under the latter category. It just delivered a blockbuster quarterly result that beat estimates, and it also… Read More »

Buy Alert: 3 Quantum Computing Stocks Approaching Super Attractive Entry Points

In the fascinating field of landscape technology, quantum data inventory opportunities can prove incredibly lucrative over time. The notion of quantum computing, born over two decades ago, is now gaining solid traction on The Street. Moreover, the technology, rooted in the mysteries of quantum mechanics, aims to significantly increase computing speeds. Advances in quantum computing… Read More »