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Before a bot steals your job, it steals your name

In May, Tessa went rogue. The National Eating Disorder Association’s chatbot had recently replaced a telephone hotline and the handful of employees who ran it. But while it was designed to provide a set of approved answers for people who might be at risk of an eating disorder, Tessa instead recommended they lose weight. “Every… Read More »

ChatGPT in trouble: OpenAI may go bankrupt by 2024, AI bot costs company $700,000 every day

OpenAI, the AI ​​studio that practically started the conversation around AI among regular, non-technical folks, may be in massive trouble. In its bid to become the face of generative AI through its AI chatbot ChatGPT, Sam Altman’s AI development studio has put itself in a position where it may soon have to declare bankruptcy, according… Read More »