Should you install iOS 17 Beta on your iPhone right now or wait for the final build?

By | August 14, 2023

iOS 17 was announced back in June at Apple’s WWDC event, along with a host of other software updates. The platform will be available on all compatible iPhone models sometime next year, but no official dates have been decided yet. Currently, iOS 17 rests in the beta phase, with Apple releasing updates regularly to ensure it launches without any issues. If you want to try testing iOS 17 on your iPhone, you can easily download and install a developer or public beta build right now — but should you?

Apple will release iOS 17 before the end of next month on all compatible iPhone models – if you had to skip or download and install the latest update

As mentioned earlier, iOS 17 will be available to the public in the second half of September after Apple is ready to release the iPhone 15 series and Apple Watch Series 9. Apple released iOS 17 beta 5 to developers last week with new features and changes , which will be part of the final construction. Each update comes with improved stability and new features that you can try before the final launch. Additionally, the company has also released updated public beta builds of iOS 17. The real question you should be asking is whether you should install it on your iPhone right now or wait for the final build.

iOS 17 is a big update as it brings a boatload of new front-facing features to the table. For example, iOS 17 will include a new StandBy mode for iPhone 14 Pro models that turns your smartphone into a smart display for your nightstand. It also comes with interactive widgets so you can control the content of an app without opening it. AirDrop also sees big improvements, along with the new Journal app for content creators. If you download and install iOS 17 right now, you’ll have first-hand experience using the platform before the general public.

iOS 17 is well ahead in its beta cycle and the stability and reliability issues have improved a lot since launch. You can install the beta update (developer or public beta) right now and use it until the final build is available. The process to install iOS 17 beta on your iPhone is quite simple and does not require your notebook or any third-party software. You can follow our detailed guide on how to install iOS 17 on your iPhone.

The update now comes with most of the features that Apple announced on stage, but is still missing a few that will be available at launch. Going forward, if there is a specific feature you want to test, be sure to check if it has been integrated into the latest beta updates. If you’re planning to install iOS 17 beta on your iPhone, be aware that the platform still harbors a ton of bugs that can taint your hands-on experience. Additionally, the iOS 17 launch is only a month away and we would recommend you to wait for the final build to hit the handsets officially,

If you’re keen to download and install iOS 17 on your iPhone, we’d advise you to install it on a device you don’t use as your daily driver. This is because beta updates sometimes do not play well with the device and can cause problems that can be independent of each user. Going forward, installing the final build will make more sense in this regard. Lastly, since the beta versions are crawling with bugs, it can hurt the battery life of your iPhone. You may experience sudden battery drains or your device will overheat without stressing the processor.

All in all, if you are an average user, we would recommend you to wait for the final version of iOS 17 to arrive. But if you are a developer and want to test the latest update against your software, you can download the beta. If you are a developer who wants to test the platform and report bugs and problems to Apple, then we would recommend you to install iOS 17 beta on your iPhone. Additionally, if you’re a public beta tester and just looking at the OS and what it has to offer, we’d advise you to install it on a secondary device.

Apple will continue to release new and updated beta versions of iOS 17 to developers and public beta testers until they release the Release Candidate build. Once the final version is out, update it and your developer and public beta status will be terminated. Additionally, not every feature that Apple announced on stage will be part of the initial release. The company will release the sixth developer beta of iOS 17 sometime this week, so be sure to stay tuned. We will share more details on the topic so make sure to stay tuned.

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