Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs Google Pixel Watch: Samsung or Google?

By | August 14, 2023

If you’re interested in the wearable world, you might be familiar with Google’s first attempt at a smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch.

The laptop market is more saturated than ever, with a wealth of options from a variety of brands. Google is the latest company to throw its hat into the wearable ring with the Pixel Watch, which was released in October 2022.

But with another smartwatch on the market, we wanted to see how the Pixel Watch fares against the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, which was released in August 2023.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about these two wearables, including all the differences and similarities, so you can decide which watch is best for you.

Google offers Fitbit features

One of the biggest advantages of the Google Pixel Watch is the inclusion of Fitbit software. It comes with FitbitOS-inspired widgets and health features, including daily step counts, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and exercise tracking.

Fitbit is also responsible for the data provided by the built-in ECG and blood oxygen sensors, with blood oxygen levels measured at night and the ability to take measurements to detect atrial fibrillation – although you’ll need to download the dedicated Fitbit ECG app from Play Store to access it.

Samsung wasn’t able to pair Fitbit with the Galaxy Watch 6, but it does come with a ton of health and fitness features. Last year’s Body Composition scan makes a return – providing an overall view of your current state of health – but it can also track blood pressure, which very few wearables can do.

There’s also plenty of exercise to track, from running to cycling to yoga, meaning the vast majority of people will be happy with what’s available on the Galaxy Watch 6.

Email notifications on Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The Galaxy Watch 6 has a longer battery life

Neither the Galaxy Watch 6 nor the Pixel Watch have a battery life worth bragging about, however, there is a clear winner when we compare both models. Google claims the Pixel Watch has a 24-hour battery life; this can technically be achieved when the screen is not set to always be on, but we noticed that the battery would drain very quickly when using intensive features such as GPS.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 fared slightly better in our tests, with Samsung claiming a two-day battery life. However, it struggled to last more than two days and would run off unexpectedly overnight – much like the Pixel Watch – making them both unreliable choices if you’re in a no-charger scenario, such as a camping trip.

Exynos 9110 vs Exynos W930

The Galaxy Watch 6 is equipped with the latest Exynos W930 dual-core 1.4 GHz processor, while the Pixel Watch chose to use the older Exynos 9110 processor.

We found that the Pixel Watch came with some laborious load times, but that the software felt clean and tidy. The Galaxy Watch 6 also performed very well, but we noticed that it didn’t feel massively faster than the previous Galaxy Watch 5, which came with the Exynos W920 processor. This suggests that while the Galaxy Watch 6 has more power potential, there won’t be any noticeable differences during daily use.

The app drawer on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The Galaxy Watch 6 comes with two screen sizes

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 comes in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm. The Pixel Watch comes in just one size, 41mm.

The Samsung model comes with a 1.3-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 432×432. The Pixel Watch, meanwhile, has an AMOLED display with a claimed brightness of up to 1,000 nits. We found that both models have clear and sharp displays, but the Galaxy Watch 6 may be better for those who want more screen space to play with.

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