Meta Quest 2: An immersive VR experience

By | August 13, 2023

If you’re looking for an affordable VR headset, you’ll find plenty of options under $100. But many of these cheaper headsets require the use of a smartphone or are equipped with cheaper components that can result in motion sickness or eye strain. For those with a slightly larger budget of around $300, the Meta Quest 2 is an excellent choice. It strikes a good balance between price and functionality and offers support for over 500 VR experiences, including some of the best VR games. Additionally, the Meta Quest+ subscription provides an affordable way to explore available titles. In fact, in our review, we rated it as the best VR headset for both beginners and experienced users.

While gaming is a major focus of VR, there are also non-gaming applications worth exploring. With Meta Quest 2, you can participate in fitness activities, stream videos and enjoy music. There are apps that offer 360-degree concerts where you can experience a show from every angle. Fitness experiences like Supernatural track your hand movements and guide you through high-intensity HIIT exercises. You can also use streaming apps like YouTube VR, Netflix, Pluto TV and MLB VR to watch videos in a virtual environment.

In terms of available games, Minecraft and Roblox are playable on Meta Quest 2, although they are not directly available from the Meta Store. However, with a few tweaks to the settings, you can enjoy these popular games on the headset. The Meta Store offers a wide range of options across different genres, including casual games like Walkabout Mini Golf, Creed: Rise to Glory, Beat Saber and Among Us VR, as well as more intense titles like Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, Battle Talent and Bonelab .

One of the main advantages of Meta Quest 2 is its standalone design. Once connected to Wi-Fi, it does not require a phone or PC to operate. It comes with a built-in software store, hand tracking controllers and walk-through cameras that allow you to see your surroundings while wearing the headset. Meta Quest 2 also offers features like Guardian, which lets you set boundaries in VR to prevent yourself from going beyond a designated play area. Guardian is easy to set up and you can adjust the settings to accommodate both smaller and larger spaces.

To give others a glimpse of your VR experience, cast the Meta Quest 2 screen to a computer, smartphone or Chromecast-enabled TV. Simply download the Meta Quest app on your phone and ensure that both the phone and the headset are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then tap the Cast button in the app and select the desired screen for casting.

When using the Meta Quest 2, it is recommended to invest in a better head strap for increased support and comfort. Additionally, having a dedicated charging setup or space is beneficial as the headset will require regular charging after use. Accessories like the KIWI Design Comfort Head Strap and Anker Charging Dock can enhance your overall VR experience.

While a Facebook account is not required to log into Meta Quest 2, a Meta account is required. If you previously had an Oculus account, the process of switching to a Meta account may be more complex. It is advisable to make the transition before Oculus accounts are deactivated and deleted in early 2024. If you encounter any issues during the account transition, consider contacting Facebook Support for assistance.

If you are experiencing technical issues with your Meta Quest 2, a factory reset may help resolve the issue. However, keep in mind that this will delete account information, downloaded games and content from the headset. You can easily re-download purchased content once the reset is complete.

Overall, Meta Quest 2 offers a comprehensive VR experience with a wide range of gaming and non-gaming applications. It’s an easy-to-use headset that offers value for its price range, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced VR users.

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