Cobalion and Raikou’s paradox forms could hint at two future Pokemon trios

By | August 13, 2023


  • The reveal of Paradox forms for Cobalion and Raikou in the latest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC trailer suggests that there may be two more Paradox Pokemon for Terrakion and Entei.
  • The addition of Paradox Cobalion and Raikou, along with their predecessors Iron Leaves and Walking Wake, gives players a better understanding of the near-term future of Paradox Pokemon.
  • The recent reveal of the Iron Crown and Raging Bolt confirms the suspicion among fans that two more Paradox forms will be added to Terrakion and Entei in the near future.

While new Paradox forms were shown off for Cobalion and Raikou during Pokemon Present’s latest DLC trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this reveal also seems to point towards two more remaining Paradox Pokemon for Gen 9 to complete these legendary trios. After first being teased in red and Violets respective books of sketches of merged forms for the series’ Swords of Justice and Legendary Beasts, the initial reveal of Virizion’s and Suicune’s Paradox forms was met with confusion, as neither seemed to match what had been teased. But now with Iron Crown and Raging Bolt, those sketches have taken on a new context.

Between anticipating that these Paradox Pokemon would be a combined trio for the introduction of Iron Leaves and Walking Wake, it was unclear whether red and Violet‘s sketches were red herrings, especially when the two were added before any DLC and not during. The reveal of Paradox forms for Cobalion and Raikou, and the confirmation that they would become available with The Teal Mask portion of the DLC, has revived previous fan theories. With another part of DLC also in red and Violet‘s future, and with Terrakion and Entei back in their trios, it looks like two more Paradox Pokémon are on the way.

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Cobalion and Raikou and the Future of Paradox Pokemon

Paradox Pokemon Red Herring

Although they weren’t the exclusive focus of the latest trailer and breakdown of what to expect red and Violet‘s DLC, the revealed designs of Paradox Cobalion and Raikou were met with mixed reactions, especially for Raikou’s giraffe-like neck. Regardless of their addition to red and Violet along with their predecessors, Iron Leaves and Walking Wake have given players a better perspective on the near-term future of Paradox Pokemon. So while these new ancient and future forms have mainly focused on legendary Pokemon, this could still hold potential for new Paradox forms based on more standard Pokemon either in Gen 9 or later.

The renewed interest in Paradox Pokemon alongside their association with red and Violet‘s DLC suggests a deeper connection to the bigger picture of the mysterious Area Zero. Along with the showcase adding a montage of historical sketches of expedition crews and the strange cave markings that have players scratching their heads, Game Freak’s plan appears to be building towards a grand finale in Area Zero and Pokemon red and Violet. This is only strengthened by rumors about the future Pokemon projects that could be announced as a follow-up to red and Violet.

Terrakion and Entei could soon follow

Terrakion Entei Anime

But beyond Game Freak’s future Pokemon game, the recent reveal of the Iron Crown and Raging Bolt seems to confirm a much simpler suspicion among fans, which is that two more Paradox forms will be added to Terrakion and Entei. Now that they are essentially the remaining Legendary Pokemon of their respective trios – with the exception of Keldeo, however – it is believed that Game Freak will introduce two more Paradox Pokemon in the near future. Like Cobalion and Raikou’s new forms were teased as part of Scarlet and Violet‘s first DLC, players could expect to see Paradox Terrakion and Entei revealed ahead of The Indigo Disk.

Until then, fans will be left to speculate on what designs and type combinations each Paradox form of Terrakion and Entei will have, as long as their predicted inclusion is indeed true. Given that the previous sketches from red and Violets books seem to support the existence of all three legendary Paradox Pokemon, it is most likely that Terrakion and Entei will be added to red and Violet, but nothing has been officially confirmed so far. Until they are, fans can still look forward to the two-parter red and Violet DLC with brand new Pokemon, evolutions and more.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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