CHAUDHRI: Employers’ ban on artificial intelligence in the workplace is being ignored

By | August 12, 2023

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A recent Reuters IPSOS survey revealed that a significant number of US workers already use the artificial platform ChatGPT to perform basic tasks at work.

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According to Reuters, 28% of employees admitted that they regularly use ChatPGT at work. But 10% of respondents admit that their employers explicitly banned AI tools in the workplace. And 25% of respondents were not aware if their companies allowed the use of artificial intelligence at all.

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It seems that many employers and employees work in the gray area.

Reuters also reported that major companies like Tinder and Samsung Electronics have a “no ChatGPT rule.” Despite the ban, employees of some of these organizations use the technology anyway.

A Tinder employee reported that they “used ChatGPT for ‘harmless tasks’ like writing emails, even though the company doesn’t officially allow it.”

Some indicated that it is also used for “general research” in the workplace.

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Samsung Electronics banned ChatGPT from the workplace after discovering that an employee had uploaded confidential and sensitive code to the platform.

I have written many columns about ChatGPT’s controversial and perhaps ill-fated introduction to the workplace. But as the poll seems to indicate, ChatGPT largely received no formal “introduction” to many of our institutions. Instead, ChatGPT has gained access to our businesses by force; courting our employees with dazzling tricks and “hacks” with promises of becoming every worker’s fast, silent co-pilot.

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AI is probably already in the driver’s seat in most of our workplaces, and management has long since shrugged off the risks the technology brings with it.

So if AI has already become a permanent and eager employee in our companies, then it is time for employers to harness the power of the AI ​​sun instead of pulling down the shades.


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Companies should take the following steps now:

Acknowledge that employees are using artificial intelligence – Call an employee town hall to discuss how AI has already been used in your company. Identify acceptable and off-limit uses of artificial intelligence;

Invest in the technology that can power your business and keep your data safe – Don’t let your employees use free versions of artificial intelligence that can compromise your company’s confidential information;

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Outline the consequences for misuse of AI and enforce your plan – A single misstep when using AI can cause serious liability or embarrassment for your company, make sure employees are aware of the discipline that can be imposed if your policy for AI intelligence not followed;

And create a robust AI policy now to limit unauthorized use of these platforms by workers.

Artificial intelligence is your only employee who is not on your payroll and cannot be fired. It’s time to find ways to use it to your company’s advantage.

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