Apple’s subtle call screen redesign worries iPhone users

By | August 12, 2023

In UI design, any change must be justified. Even the smallest tweak can throw people off, especially after years of regular use. So many people wonder why, after a decade and a half, Apple has suddenly decided to move the end call button on the iPhone.

iOS17 moves the red ‘hang up’ button from its traditional central position to the lower right corner of the interface during calls. It might seem like a minor move, but considering the button has been in the same place since the iPhone’s launch way back in 2007, it will take some adjusting. Grab it and you’ll FaceTime someone by mistake – the horror! (if you’re looking forward to Apple’s next smartphone, check out our rundown of everything we expect from the iPhone 15 next month).

iPhone End Call button on the Apple iPhone app user interface

The current iPhone End Call button in its central position (left) relative to the redesigned UI in iOS17 (Image credit: Apple)

Among more radical changes coming with iOS 17, including real-time voicemail transcriptions and a bolder font, this relatively small tweak is getting a lot of attention. The beta features a redesigned iPhone app interface during calls that drops the contact icon and moves the End Call button to the bottom right corner of the menu.

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